Exploring New Zealand’s South Island

New Zealand is a land of extremes which is why so many adrenaline junkies take at least one trip to here every year. New Zealand offers everything extreme athletes could want, from downhill skiing to kayaking and surfing. There are even packages available which give thrill seekers the best of everything NZ has to offer, as part of a group or for independent travel, such as with Kirra Coach Tours. The South Island Adrenalin Junkie Tour from Go New Zealand gives tourists an experience that they’ll remember for life. For those wanting a tamer travel experience, New Zealand coach bus tours are a great alternative.

Adrenaline Junkie Tour: Week One

The first day of the tour will take guests to the town of Christchurch where they have the option of learning to surf. Day two takes guests to Queenstown where they can bungy jump from the Kawaru Bridge and para-glide from Coronet Peak. Day three is also set in Queenstown where guests have the option of skiing, snowboarding or mountain biking down an actual mountain. On day four, the tour moves to Wakana where guests can actually drive a monster truck. There’s also the option of skydiving over the Southern Alps. On day five, the tour moves to Franz Josef where gusts have the option of going wake boarding. Day six remains in Franz Josef where guests can go glacier hike as well as snow boarding and skiing.

Week Two of the Tour

Day seven gives the guests a chance to catch their breath as the tour moves to Punakaiki. They’ll need this rest, because day eight is the most extreme of the entire tour. Surfing, four wheel driving, horse trekking and underground rafting are all offered here. Day nine of the tour takes guests to Abel Tasman where guests can explore the caves and go skydiving. On day ten, the tour remains in Abel Tasman for a day of kayaking. On day eleven, the tour moves to Wellington where guests can dine at the legendary Mussel Pot cafe. Day twelve of the tour gives guests the opportunity to experience New Zealand’s cultural side. The National Museum of New Zealand is located here as are the Parliament buildings.

More to New Zealand

This exciting tour takes people across most of the most notable attractions on New Zealand’s South Island. However, the North Island is an exciting place to visit as well. For instance, the capitol city of Auckland is located on the North Island and more than a third of the country’s population resides there. The North Island is also the location where the legendary Lord of the Rings movies were filmed. However, people who love the excitement of extreme sports should take advantage of the Adrenaline Junkie Tour because there’s nothing else like it on earth. Most destinations that offer Kayaking are too warm for skiing and most destinations that offer snowboarding are too cold for white water rafting.

It should be noted that New Zealand offers a multitude of cultural attraction as well as a plethora of extreme sports. Some of the world’s best museums are located on both islands and a vacation here truly has something for everyone. New Zealand also has excellent dining featuring influences from all across the globe. It will take several weeks to completely explore both islands, but such can be accomplished with a New Zealand coach tour package and the experience would be quite enriching.